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Logo design brief and why we need a design brief

Designing a logo is an extensive and time consuming process that takes into account the many colours, font styles, the layout of the logo and the image that the company wants to portray. The process can be further complicated if the designer and client do not understand each other. This is why a brief is important when it comes to logo design and for that matter any aspect of design whether it is a brochure, logo or website. Understanding the client and their business, is key to delivering a logo that meets the client’s expectations.

A frank discussion of what your business does and as much information about the industry that it operates in is very important. The knowledge gained from this will give the designer a better idea of what colours to use, the style of font and the imagery to reference or illustrate.

To give an example, the insurance / financial industry deals with people’s hard earned money and should then make use of colours that inspire confidence, trust and reliability. A trendy pizza restaurant would look at colours and imagery that would get your taste buds going or set a tone that reminds us of Italy.

A logo, like most things,is a reflection of what you believe (or want) your business needs to portray and more importantly what your customers or users think and expect. Therefore your company's outlook and what you expect or feel your customers think about your company needs to be researched and taken into account. A company that sells toys and fun games will have a difficult time convincing people to buy from it if it has a serious conservative logo. Take the client into account when you think of information for the brief, don’t force ideas onto them just because you like the look of a certain brand.

Ultimately a logo needs to help you brand your company and sell your product, so make it easier for this to happen by giving an extensive as possible brief.

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